Project: 23-SP-037 Ciales D/B Rehabilitation Pozas Water Distribution System (FAAST / CDBG-DR)

Project Description

The project consists in the rehabilitation of the Pozas Water Distribution System, located the at Municipality of Ciales.  The rehabilitation is needed to reduce the Matrullas WFP service area. Also, the rehabilitation of this system will provide redundancy to the Pozas ward distribution system, since the connection to Matrullas WFP will be kept to be used in case of any emergency. All in accordance with the Scope of Work, Reference Drawings, and specifications prepared by PRASA.
The project will benefit approximately 481 families in the municipality of Ciales.
Funding by Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA), the Federal Management Emergency Agency (FEMA) under the FEMA’s Accelerated Obligation Strategy (known as AAST), and the Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DRProgram).


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Ciales, PR
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Public Bid
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General Contractor
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Bid Opening Date: 04/27/2023 - 10:30am